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Nick and Courtney Ardner are the team that make up Lasting Memories which began four years ago.

I, Nick, from the time I could hold a video camera have always had a passion for filming, four years ago I decided I wanted to further pursue that passion and make beautiful films that I could share with others. I determined that weddings would be what I would use this passion toward. Although it may seem pretty straight forward, there is a lot more that goes into a professional wedding film than pushing record and pointing your camera. It takes ever growing passion and drive to not only point that camera and press record, but do it with an intention and purpose of telling a story. I asked Courtney to begin shooting with me so we could work to tell an even more incredible and meaningful story; she enthusiastically said yes! After training and shooting together for so long we function very well together and we are able to capture your day in great detail while remaining unobtrusive and out of the way. 

As a couple, we have been together for 6 years and married for just over six months. Our wedding opened our eyes to how fast the day truly goes and it helped us to refine our methods and allowed us to be even more efficient and take another films up another level. I can not even recall the number of times that we have watched our wedding film and each time we did, we noticed something new. Your family, friends, and other relatives will love seeing your film and when your children start asking about your wedding you will have more than just still photos to show them. You will be able to show them your film, they will see the motion, voices, reactions, and more those memories will be priceless for you and for them!

We are both very passionate about our films and being newlyweds, we know the stresses and challenges that you may face in planning your own wedding. We strive to make the process of planning your film as easy and convenient for you as possible. We look forward to the opportunity to speak with you and begin planning your film! 

Who are we?

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